What You'll Learn in This Bundle

Our Business Owner Fundamentals Bundle is designed to help you build a strong foundation as you manage and expand your business with an eye towards the future.

The Business Owner Fundamentals Bundle Includes:

--Best Practices in Entity Structure
--Business Owner FAQs
--Saving Taxes with Retirement Planning

Our goals are to:

  • Teach you how to more easily manage your business
  • Ensure that you are operating under the proper entity for your type of business and situation
  • Show you how to pay yourself as a business owner
  • Ensure you understand the implications of using your company vehicle for personal use and vice versa
  • Explain the difference between people serving as contractors vs. employees
  • Discuss the different retirement plan options available to small businesses and recommend which option is best for your business

Best Practices in Entity Structure

  • Learn how liability, capital structure, and taxes should guide your entity selection decision 
  • Details and insights for each of the 5 main entity types 
  • Downloadable PDF tools including: a Summarized Reference Chart & 5 questions to guide to the right entity selection

Business Owner FAQs

  • Guidance to manage your business finances with confidence 
  • Answers to the most frequent questions we get from small business owners, including topics such as: personal use of vehicles, how to pay yourself, and much more!
  • A PDF guide to help you properly classify Employees vs. Independent Contractors 

Saving Taxes with Retirement Planning

  • How a retirement plan can save you taxes, money, and employee turnover 
  • Details and insights for each of the 8 retirement plan types, including those for: Self-employed individuals & Business owners with employees 
  • Downloadable PDF tools including: Summarized Reference Charts