Be Part of the OTHER 50%

Now more than ever, owning a small business is challenging. Under normal circumstances, 50% of small businesses don’t last more than five years. This volatility can make us feel like we should hold tight and be reactive to what happens. But times of crisis and economic uncertainty can create opportunities for us to accelerate changes that needed to happen anyway. With strong financial management (and a sound business plan), you can be part of the other 50%; and you can start now.   
Cash flow problems cause a lot of small businesses failures. And an overwhelming number of entrepreneurs say their #1 regret was launching their business without spending enough time learning about financial management.  
Whether you’re starting a small business and looking to get off on the right foot, or already own a small business and need to learn more about financial topics, these courses are designed to empower you for greater financial success.

Business Owner Fundamentals Bundle Includes:

--Best Practices in Entity Structure
--Business Owner FAQs
--Saving Taxes with Retirement Planning

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